May 19, 2012 – Day 11


I just wanted to start by saying thanking you to all those who read my blog and the comments everyone left. I really was taking a second to share a glimpse at who I was since the day didn’t have much to talk about since we were studying for our test today.


We had been cramming all day and night trying to prepare for our first Viticulture test. We were all tired and since our test got moved back to 10am we got a couple hours extra sleep, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. The test came and I felt ok about it. I’ve never been a big science guy, but I thought I had all the things I needed to remember to do decent. For those who don’t know I’m starting my 5th season at UGA and I only have one class left to graduate in the fall. I’m really excited for the next 7 months since I will almost be living like a professional since I will be strictly football besides that one Kinesiology class. This summer I will be working with the Oconee County Football program for most of the summer. I had talked to a few of my Athens raised teammates and reached out to Coach Olson through Blake Sailors. I was really looking for a place where I could learn the ropes of high school coaching as well as lend my skills to the younger kids who share the passion that I have for football. I’m suppose to start the week we all get back from this trip to Italy so I know the guys will be ready for that.


After the test we rushed down the hill to get to the market in the square of Cortona. There were tons of stands and carts everywhere with people trying to convince shoppers to buy their items. I personally did not want to spend a lot of my depleted funds on things I didn’t want so I merely wandered around with Ty, Kash, Charlotte and Kristen. Ty and me got hungry and chose to break off and go down another pizza. After stuffing our faces we made the long journey to the top of the hill to get a nap before heading to Camusia, the neighboring town.


Fully rested and ready to get to the public bus we heading to the plaza. We hopped on the bus and headed down the cliff ridden serpentine road to the valley. Ty and myself stepped off the bus and proceeded to wander the town in search of a sweatshirt since I had no cold-weather clothes and nice Italian dinner jackets. We quickly found a sporting store and found a good Italian jumpsuit that would suffice for the rest of the trip. So after we continued to search the city for a dinner jacket. This is where we ran into trouble. One thing that many of you would be able to know without me saying is the fact that we are much larger than the Italians here. Ty being the smallest of us could not find a jacket that fit him and that in turn meant that we would not be able to find one that would work for me. An hour and a half with several communication issues with the locals we ended up heading back up the mountain empty handed.


Arthur, Ty and myself got cleaned up for the evening and grabbed a sandwich from Molesini’s the local family run show here in town that basically owns the whole square. We ate dinner with the ladies and waited for the rest of the group to show up for the festivities. Our lesson was to learn how to make Sangria and naturally this led me to sing the song from “Step Brothers” and we all had a good laugh. I will continue to say this the whole trip because of its truth, but it is so hard to focus and study here. This is not because we are not learning very important relevant things pertaining to the wine industry, but because of the scenery. We literally study on a mountain that we can see everything around for miles and miles. I hope that I can focus more on the studies and not the scenery long enough to pass this class. The worst thing about my situation is the fact that this class is not a part of my degree hours so it ultimately doesn’t effect my graduation. But since my family was kind enough to pay for this trip and I have to strive for success I guess I’ll keep working hard.


Thanks for reading. We miss everyone back home and hope everyone’s doing well! Go Dawgs!


First Test and a Trip To Camusia


4 thoughts on “First Test and a Trip To Camusia

  1. Michelle Knight says:

    I look forward to your blogs each day-thanks so much for sharing! And…with your permission…would love to use your Spring Break blog in a leadership training that I will be conducting this summer. 🙂

    Was thrilled to see your family at Trent’s graduation! That was so sweet of them to make the trip for him. Can’t wait to you see you all! Have a great trip and stay safe!

  2. Doug says:

    Thank you Mr. Robinson,

    I enjoyed reading through your blog. I love the Dawgs and have favorite players mostly based on character. I really pull for Richard Samuel and I hope he does great when he gets a shot at FB. You are now in that same category. I am pulling for the whole team to have a great year and future careers. However, when I learn more about good things individual players are doing, it helps me to maintain interest in the game.

    The older I get, the more I feel the good really needs to out weigh the bad for me to enjoy organized games.

    Thank you again,

  3. Megan says:

    I LOVE that you are working with the high school football team this summer! That will be such a great experience for you AND for them. What a great opportunity!

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