Lazy Rainy Sundays and Old School Laundry

May 20, 2012 – Day 12


It was a lazy rainy Sunday in Cortona again. We spent most of the day inside watching movies and recovering from a fun weekend. Arthur and myself had burned through all of our clean clothes and were scrambling for options to wash clothes so we wouldn’t smell terrible in class Monday. We came to the conclusion that we would be forced to hand wash our clothes.


We gathered up all the scattered articles of athletic gear and found the tub in our building. Arthur and I piled our dirty clothes in and had a great bonding experience since both of our clothes were mingled together. The smell was not very pleasant, but we didn’t have many options to choose from. We ended up using our tools and hung up all our laundry on draped broomsticks. The scene was rather funny really. Clothes drying and clean we ended up searching the quiet city for a place to eat.


The bad thing about this town is that there aren’t that many people and they shut down their shops early cause people just aren’t going out buying things. Arthur, Ty and myself ended up going back to the Lion’s Well where our new friends Catia and Gianluca made us sandwiches and chips. We scarfed all the food down and made our way back up the mountain. We ended up playing cards for most of the evening with Shelby, Kristen, Charlotte and Kash.


Another day in the books with our little family and one less day left in Cortona. Go Dawgs!



2 thoughts on “Lazy Rainy Sundays and Old School Laundry

  1. Ron says:

    Glad y’all had a great time and now you have a memory that you will cherish your whole life. A job and a blog well done young man.

    The “Rampdawg”

  2. Gmom says:

    Wow young man, not only are you a fine man on the field, you are very compelling and wonderfully interesting. Can’t wait till next year. You will be on my mind with every play. Your dad sounds like a great father. A lot like my dad. Thank you for sharing

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