An Italian Haircut and the Future

May 21, 2012 – Day 13


For some reason the weather has been terrible here in Italy the past 3 days and we’ve been trapped indoors due to lots of rain. Scampering to class to avoid the torrential down pour outside we were able to make it to class on time. Cramped up all morning we went over some more grape varieties and listening to student projects in class we finally made it through another early morning.


My hair was getting out of control and I was looking very much like a “ragamuffin”, as Coach Richt would say, so I chose to go get a hair cut. Our friend we met playing Rugby Alessandro is also a world famous hair stylist so I scheduled a hair cut down at his shop. It had been years since I’ve been in a salon simply cause I get my haircut by Chris Burnette and I usually go to a barbershop. Because of these facts I was rather apprehensive as to how this event was going to go. I was worried that he would not have the tools to work with my “different” kind of hair. He sat me down in the chair and stared pulling out the clippers and started going to town. I was shocked at how precise and accurate he was with the scissors. Fifteen minutes later he was done and I received my first hair washing at shop and there was gel in my hair. For those who don’t know I’m biracial and my hair is really mixed textures so it really changes depending on how long it is. It was really weird I’m not gonna lie, but hey, “when in Rome.”


(Kristen Cox, Kae Ashleigh Eller, Arthur Lynch, Me, Ty Frix, and Charlotte Cornett)

Lookin good and ready to crush the day we went to our afternoon tasting at the school. We were able to again try four more wines right before dinner. Feelin kind of werided out by the gel I decided to hop in the shower and clean up the hair. Ty’s best friend from home Graves who works for Delta, was able to hop on a flight and come hang out with us for a night here in town and arrived just in time for dinner. We all got dressed up and walked to Toninos for another family meal. The food here is insane and I will be paying for the amount of bread we have had since we’ve arrived. A new day was in the books and we were loving just getting to be at this place in time. I really try to remind myself just how lucky I am to be here and hopefully the things we do here will go on for future generations of football players to be able to experience this beautiful place.


++ Go Dawgs! ++



One thought on “An Italian Haircut and the Future

  1. Bernie says:

    Beautiful picture of the sunset. I wonder if that’s near the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. One of the best trips the wife and I took was to Italy. Enjoying being reminded of it through your words and pictures here.

    Go Dawgs!

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