Dawgs in Arezzo

May 23, 2012 – Day 15

Wow! The past few days have been a whirlwind. We have been really busy working on our vineyard projects designing and creating a plan for a future business. This has been a great challenge for us as students strictly because none of us are experts and we’re being held responsible to create a very detailed plan. I hope that our hard work and studies will help us finish and get a good grade.


Yesterday was probably the busiest day we’ve had since we’ve been here. We had an early morning and had to get down to the bus by 8:30. We got one the bus and all of us all passed out while making the trek to the valley. We were able to go to a small vineyard and we got to try some wines. We went into a class room inside the vineyards main offices and sat down to hear a presentation. For those who know me I really try to be respectful to those speaking, but being in a different country where it’s difficult to understand someone attempting to speak English can push you to the limits. We had to sit and listen to a powerpoint that was all words and 2 pictures for a whole hour. I was dying. I looked over and I’m pretty sure half the class was asleep. We luckily were released from the room and made our way outside to the vineyard.


Out in the fresh air we all began to wake up and feel a little better about the trip. We were able to see the vines and how they attach American Rootstock to the Vitis Vinifera ultimately making Italy the largest producer of wine. It was good to finally be able to see and put everything together on the anatomy of the vines we had been studying indoors. The visit went well and we soon continued on our way to Arezzo.


Once we got to Arezzo we were given 4 hours to walk around the city and explore all the historic sites it had to offer. We had decided that we wanted to hold off on lunch and make our way to the large cathedral inside the city walls. We made our way inside and were shocked at the sheer size of the building and the detail that was in every single item. We finished seeing the building and bought a few gifts for loved ones and continued to walk the city. We came across a statue that  towered over us that was also very detailed with a scene of someone being knighted.


We had begun to feel our stomachs aching for food so we rushed back to the heart of the town and found the first burger place we have seen while out of the country. This place was amazing and for the first time on the trip we couldn’t say that we were still hungry.


Our last stop on the way back to the bus was the town’s “Coliseum” if you will. The structure had naturally eroded but we were able to make out the design that used to stand hundreds and hundreds of years ago.


We were back on the bus and heading back to Cortona to make the last stop at a vineyard just on the hills of the city. This was the most enjoyable part of the day. The sun was out for the first time in four days and we were able to get an even closer look at the wine making process. This vineyard produced around 10,000 bottles a year and it was all family owned and operated for hundreds of years.


We made our way into the resort, which was complete with helipad and hotel, we were beginning the wine tasting. He brought us outside and picked out his family’s sword. He began to explain to us that we were going to have the opportunity to open a bottle of his sparkling wine with the sword. Not wanting to miss out on such an opportunity I begged and pleaded till I was able to be one of the select few to try. Nervous about accidently cutting off another finger or hitting Arthur in the eye who was eagerly awaiting the uncorking. I made sure all my fingers were safe and Arthur was quickly guided out of harms way and I went for it. The town popped off and everyone began to laugh and cheer for my expertise.


All the commotion was over and we were able to go indoors and try some great Baracchi wine. Everyone was feeling good and we were finally done for the day. Back on the buses we made our way up the hill to our fortress with a great long day behind us and ready for some rest.


++ Go Dawgs ++



2 thoughts on “Dawgs in Arezzo

  1. rugbydawg79 says:

    great stuff Christian ! 100 days till Buffalo

  2. OldDawg55 says:

    Chrisstian, having spent some four years in Italy, I read your stories with envy and amazement. You are having one one the greatest expiemences of your life and I know you appreciate it. Ah, the wine, the food, the countryside, and the villages with their wonderfully friendly people are memories you will always cherish. Can’t wait for your adventures to finally end and the sounds of football bring you back to more adventures as a dawg…GATA!!

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